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Tyre Label

Fuel Efficiency

Rolling resistance has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to E. Over the life of the tyre, fitting an A rated tyre could save you up to 6 litres more fuel every 625 miles - when compared to a E rated tyre.

Wet Grip

A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to E. The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length. This makes average stopping distance between an A and E rated tyre 18m. That's 4 car lengths.

Noise Levels

The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels - accompanied by one, two or three sound waves, with one wave being the best noise level performance. To achieve the best grade, a tyre’s noise level must be at least 3dB under the legal limit set by the EU.

Changes to EU Tyre Labelling in 2021

Following a review of the current system, changes to the current label are being brought in during 2021.

Currently any tyre marked as an 'E' will become a 'D' and any tyres that were previously marked as an 'F' or a 'G' will become an E.

Throughout 2021 there will a transition period whereby we will display the most appropriate tyre labels to help our customer make an informed choice when buying their tyres.

Any tyres that are manufactured after the 1st of May 2021 will physically carry the new labelling (please see the example of how the new label looks, compared to the previous label below).

Blackcircles.com are currently working hard to fully transition the labelling of any tyres that were manufactured prior to May 1st 2021, with the new labelling - to provide consistency for our customers.

During this process of transition, there may be some instances where the tyres that you buy are labelled in one way but the physical labels - on the tyre when they arrive - are slightly different. This will happen when the tyre you buy features the new labelling and the tyre itself carries the older version.

In this instance, please rest assured that the tyres you purchased are the same as those displayed on the website - it is just the case that our website may be more up to date than the physical labels on tyres manufactured prior to May 1st, 2021.

Differences in the Labels