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Can I fit a higher / lower speed rating?

Changing the speed rating on can be dependent on the type of vehicle you own.

If you are buying tyres for a 4x4 we recommend that you keep to the original speed ratings as fitted when the 4x4 rolled off the production line. If you wish to make changes then you should verify the change is suitable from the vehicle manufacturer. cannot take responsibility for any mechanical issues that are caused as a result of a change of speed ratings.

However, for cars the fitting of a higher speed rating is fine. If you do choose a tyre with a higher speed rating though, we recommend that you match the tyres across the axels, avoiding having different speed ratings fitted on either side of the car.

We do not recommend lowering the speed rating to anything less than was fitted to your vehicle as original equipment on the production line.

The only exception to this is a winter tyre. This is due to the fact that they are generally available in lower speed ratings than the more standard ‘summer’ tyres. This because vehicles generally travel at much slower maximum speeds in winter conditions.

Often the reduction in speed rating will be only one rating, - e.g. V to H but not T.

However, to avoid any issues you should check what size and speed rating is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Usually this information can be found on the car pressure sticker or the handbook of the car.