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High Performance 4x4 Tyres

Over the past twenty years, a new breed of High performance 4X4 vehicles - such as BMW’s X5 and Porsche’ Cayenne – were developed. This new direction in the 4x4 market created the need for high performance road tyres.

Like high performance car tyres, 4x4 tyres in this market typically come designed with directional tread patterns and softer tread compounds. They provide levels of grip and road holding that you would normally associate with a performance car. However these tyres are intended for 95% road use, and will not provide much traction if you choose to leave the road.

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All Terrain 4x4 Tyres

All Terrain tyres have been on the market for a number of years. They are ideally suited for 4x4 drivers who like to use their vehicle both on and off road.

For anyone with fears over the performance of an All Terrain tyre on the road every day, these are ungrounded. All Terrain tyres provide very good levels of grip and ride comfort when on tarmac. Due to the tendency for an All-Terrain tyre to be constructed from a harder tread compound, they often boast excellent longevity and can cover up to 60,000+ miles before they need replacing.

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Mud Terrain 4x4 Tyres

Mud Terrain tyres, as the name suggests, are more suited for 4x4 owners who use their vehicle primarily for off road usage. They are usually 80% off road to 20% road biased.

To tackle the challenges of off road driving, a mud terrain tyre features tread patterns which have large gaps between its tread blocks - these provide maximum grip and traction off the road. Due to their focus on off road driving, the road performance of a mud terrain tyre does suffer. This is particularly true when it comes to wet breaking distances. This type of tyre is not recommended for the 4x4 owner who covers significant mileage on the road.

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How to find your 4x4 tyre size

You will find the size of a tyre on its sidewall.

In most cases a tyre’s size will be displayed as follows:
Width | Profile | Rim Size | Load Rating | Speed Rating

with a typical size for a 4x4 tyre being

255 / 65 R16 (109) H

It is worth noting that a 4x4 tyre’s sidewall will differ slightly from a car tyre. On many 4x4 tyres you will find an LT before the tyre size. This stands for light truck and lets you know that the tyre had been constructed to be reinforced and can deal with the extra weight of a 4x4 tyre.

Making the right choice for your 4x4

We know that every motorist has their own unique driving style, so we recommend that when you buy a new tyre for your 4x4 that you consider how it performs in the following criteria: